Courses in Medical Image Analysis

Want to learn medical image analysis? Check out material from the following recent undergraduate and graduate courses where the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and the simplified interface to ITK, SimpleITK, were applied.

Methods in Medical Image Analysis, University of Iowa

This semester long course taught by Hans Johnson is an excellent introduction to medical image analysis and ITK. The course covers the architecture of ITK, programming with ITK, medical image representation, filtering, affine registration, and deformable registration with Demons and b-splines.  Powerpoint files of the lectures are available.

Medical Image Analysis, Imperial College London

This course, taught by Prof. Daniel Rueckert and Dr. Ben Glocker, aims to provide MSc students with the necessary skills to carry out research in medical image computing: visualisation, image processing, registration, segmentation and machine learning. The lectures were accompanied by tutorials in the form of IPython notebooks developed by Ozan Oktay, using SimpleITK to process medical images in Python and scikit-learn for Machine Learning. These tutorials are made available on github. They provide an introduction to medical imaging in Python that complements SimpleITK’s official notebooks.  For more information, see Kevin Keraudren’s blog post.

Methods in Medical Image Analysis, Carnegie Melon University

This long running course from John Galeotti has both lecture Powerpoints and high quality video recordings of the lectures available. Its purpose, from its syllabus, is “to gain theoretical and practical skills in medical image analysis, including skills relevant to general image analysis.  The fundamentals of computational medical image analysis will be explored, leading to current research in applying geometry and statistics to segmentation, registration, visualization, and image understanding. Student will develop practical experience through projects using the new v4 of the National Library of Medicine Insight Toolkit (ITK), a popular open-source software library developed by a consortium of institutions including Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh.”

Other Courses

Naturally, face-to-face time with an instructor can be invaluable.  Kitware offers regular or on demand courses on ITK and the other toolkits Kitware curates.  If you got started on a course and could use some help, Kitware offers development support, too.

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