The advanced course builds upon the knowledge gained from the beginner course. It offers in-depth training on writing filters, composite data pipelines and advanced rendering approaches with VTK.


  • Learn about composite data structures
  • Write a basic filter
  • Create an advanced rendering
  • Learn about parallel processing


  • Familiarity with VTK data structures
  • Basic C++ programming knowledge
  • Basic Python programming knowledge
  • CMake knowledge a plus
  • Familiarity with rendering approaches like ray tracing, a plus


This course is approximately 8 hours, which can be divided into 2 sessions.

Review beginner’s course

  • Data model
  • Rendering model

Advanced data model

  • Cell types
  • Point and cell attributes
  • Composite data

Pipeline model

  • Executive
  • Streaming data

Writing a filter

  • Create Simple Filter
  • Customize Inputs and Outputs
  • Handle Meta-Data and data requests
  • Create Image Filter

Rendering pipeline

  • Lookup tables, transfer functions and interpolation
  • Volume rendering
  • 2D plots

Advanced rendering

  • Render passes
  • Shader replacements
  • OSPRay

Parallel processing

  • Shared memory parallelism
  • Distributed memory parallelism
  • Ghost data


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