David Allemang

R&D Engineer

Medical Computing

Kitware North Carolina
Carrboro, NC

B.S. in Computer Science
UNC Charlotte

B.S. in Mathematics
UNC Charlotte

David Allemang

David Allemang is an R&D Engineer on Kitware’s Medical Computing Team. He has a B.S. in computer science and a B.S. in mathematics from UNC Charlotte. Some of his computer science areas of focus were in high-performance computing and computer graphics. In mathematics, he focused on modern algebra and abstract linear algebra.

David is passionate about teaching others and sharing knowledge, so he worked as a teacher’s assistant for computer architecture. He was also vice president of the ACM student chapter, where he helped lead their competitive programming teams.

The projects he’s enjoyed most have involved building visualizations to help him better understand some concepts in mathematics, an interest that he applies to his position here at Kitware.