Dženan Zukić

Dženan Zukić

Senior R&D Engineer

My name Dženan is pronounced Jenan. I joined Kitware’s Carrboro, N.C. office as a Research and Development Engineer on the Medical Computing team in October 2014.

Since coming to Kitware, I have worked on image analysis and surgical guidance projects. To facilitate PET/CT guided needle biopsy, we developed SlicerPET software, involving CT-CT registration, needle tracking and tracker-CT registration. In skull correction surgery project we aim to develop quantitative shape measurement enabling optimal treatment planning and objective postoperative evaluation. We also investigated usage of ultrasound volume reconstruction for proper anatomical positioning of condyle/ramus segment in mandibular advancement orthognatic surgery.

I work with PET/CT pocket phantom and associated analysis tools in order to reduce SUV errors. I also contributed to ITK-SNAP, an open source 3D image viewer and segmentation tool. I participate in maintenance of ITK. I work on software for medical devices and robotic companies, most of which are covered by a non-disclosure agreements.

Between 2002 and 2007 I studied computer science at University of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. For a short time I was a software engineer for aNET and BSTelecom. I mostly worked on database-backed software with classic graphical and web user interface.

In May 2008 I moved to Siegen, Germany to begin a PhD in computer graphics at University of Siegen. I defended my PhD thesis in September 2014. My main focus were algorithms for vertebral body segmentation and diagnosis in magnetic resonance images. Side projects were brain tumor segmentation and dataset classification using neural networks.

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