The Get Your Brain Together hackathons bring together neuroimage data generators, image registration researchers, and neurodata compute infrastructure providers for a hands-on, collaborative event. This community collaboration aims to create reproducible, open source resources that enable discovery of the structure and function of brains.

There are three components to the hackathon. First, the primary goal of each hackathon is the generation of a Reproducible Resource for registration and analysis of a specific brain imaging modality. Tutorial sessions share how to work with open source registration tools, open access datasets, or neurodata archives. Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) Breakout sessions enable participants interested in collaborating to work on relevant topics.

This hackathon will focus on registration of mouse brain lightsheet volumes to the Common Coordinate Framework version 3.1 (CCFv3.1).

Example ways to participate:

  • Contribute a registration pipeline resource to register the challenge datasets.
  • Give a tutorial about your registration tools. A pre-recorded or live presentation, along with example code and recipes, can teach a data analyst how to run your tool and use the output on the challenge dataset and/or another open dataset.

Come and learn about registration from experts in the field.

For more information, visit:

Online and Physical Event