Kitware is pleased to have our training session proposal accepted for GEOINT 2020! Though GEOINT was canceled due to COVID-19, the USGIF extended us an invitation to conduct our training virtually as part of the GEOConnect Series Training.

Titled, ‘3D Reconstruction from Overhead Imagery using Open Source Software,’ this training session is for anyone with an interest in learning more about how 3D models are built from aerial imagery and video. Some of the topics covered include:

  • An overview of 3D reconstruction algorithms – learn the terminology and gain high-level understanding of how 3D reconstruction pipelines work.
  • Data collection – guidance on how (and how not) to collect imagery to obtain the best results.
  • Survey of software – learn what 3D reconstruction software is available with an emphasis on open source software.
  • Demo of TeleSculptor – learn some of the features of Kitware’s open source TeleSculptor software for 3D reconstruction from FMV.

Registration for the training session is now open!

Physical Event