Get Your Brain Straight Hackathon

Hosted by the Allen Institute for Brain Science, Brain Image Library, BICCN, Kitware, the University of North Carolina, NUMFOCUS, and

April 4-7, 2022, Virtual

The Get Your Brain Straight hackathons bring together neuroimage data generators, image registration researchers, and neuro data compute infrastructure providers for a hands-on, collaborative event. This collaboration aims to create reproducible, open source resources that enable the discovery of the structure and function of brains. In addition to the primary hackathon, there will be tutorial sessions on how to work with open source registration tools, open access datasets, and neuro data archives. There will also be Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) breakout sessions that enable participants to collaborate on relevant topics. [You can register for free here]

Kitware is excited to be hosting this first-ever hackathon! It’s a great opportunity to contribute registration pipeline resources that can be deployed on the Brain Imaging Library (BIL). Participants can also choose to give a tutorial about your registration tools, or simply can attend to learn about registration from experts in the field. You can sign up to receive information about this and future events by joining the Hackathon Mailing List.

Online Event