Free Online Courses Now Available

September 19, 2011

Kitware is pleased to announce the availability of free online courses in support of its open-source communities. The courses, designed to give new and beginning users the skills and knowledge required to effectively use these open-source tools, will provide an introduction to the Visualization Toolkit (VTK), CMake, ParaView, and the Insight Toolkit (ITK). Each 90-minute course will cover one toolkit and be taught by an expert Kitware instructor.

Introduction to VTK
This course provides an overview of the Visualization Toolkit suitable for new users. It covers the various data types supported by VTK, the pipeline architecture used for processing data, and the rendering framework used to display results. Attendees gain hands on experience through several programming examples presented to highlight key concepts. Examples cover the execution pipeline, adjusting parameters, interaction styles, picking, callbacks and 3D widgets. Prerequisites: None, although basic knowledge of C++ is necessary to fully benefit from the programming examples.

Introduction to ITK
This course introduces new ITK users to the Insight toolkit. It covers the overall architecture, execution pipeline, streaming and data parallelism. Basic filtering and segmentation are covered, and this course also touches upon the Registration pipeline. Attendees get hands on experience with using image analysis filters, and running registration and segmentation filters. Examples on interfacing ITK with external applications, building ITK applications with a user interface, and using ITK from various interpreted languages are also covered. Prerequisites: None, although basic knowledge of C++ is necessary to fully benefit from the programming examples.

Introduction to ParaView
This course provides a hands-on overview of the ParaView visualization application. The basic interactive visual exploration process is demonstrated, including data loading, data processing, adjusting parameters and data interaction. Key concepts such as cutting, clipping, contouring, probing, and glyphing are discussed in this course. This course provides examples of generating output in the form of processed data, rendered images, and animations. Prerequisites: None.

Introduction to CMake
This course provides an introduction to the CMake cross-platform build tool used by many open-source and commercial development projects world-wide. Using a tutorial format, this course introduces the concept of the basic CMakeLists configuration file for a simple project, then expands upon this to cover setting include paths, adding libraries, having version numbers and configured header files, installing the resulting binaries, testing, and reporting testing results on a dashboard. Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of C++.

Kitware will be offering one introductory course per month, and the schedule can be found on our training page. As space is limited, registration is required and can be done through our website by selecting the specific course from the Upcoming Online Courses tab on the training page. For individuals or companies interested in more advanced courses or detailed topics, we are happy to discuss different our various onsite, offsite, and online training options. Please contact us for more information.

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