We are happy to announce the latest release of GeoJS version 0.5.  Since the last release, several new features and enhancements have been added.  See the release notes for a list of new features as well as incompatiblities with prior versions.

Some of the highlights from this release include the contouring feature described in a previous blog post.

Contour feature on jsbin.com

New data clustering functions make it possible to generate a hierarchically clustered point feature from a large dataset in the browser.  The multilevel algorithm is efficient enough to handle millions of points in just seconds.

JS Bin on jsbin.com

As usual, the latest version of the library is available on npm, bower, and cdnjs.  Let us know if you have any problems on our bug tracker or ask us a question on our mailing list.

New features

  • Contour feature for generating contour plots from gridded data
  • Hierarchical data clustering with an experimental option for clustered point features
  • Multipolygon support in the GeoJSON reader
  • Support for rendering with parallel projection along with discrete zooming and image to device pixel alignment.  Map tiles are pixel-perfect at integer zoom levels.
  • Per layer attribution notices as well as default attributions for OpenStreetMap
  • Support for drawing multiple maps on a single web page
  • Support for authenticated tile servers via crossOrigin = “use-credentials”

Breaking changes

  • Zoom level is now consistent with other mapping libraries
  • Removed geo.latlng
  • Changed default feature colors
  • Map nodes are now created as position: relative

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