GeoJS version 0.9.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of GeoJS 0.9, which is now available on GitHubnpm, and bower.  This release brings several new features including a brand new canvas renderer and totally revamped build and test infrastructure using webpack and Karma.  With this release, GeoJS is now distributed as a UMD-style module with all dependencies (except jQuery) bundled internally.

New features

  • Added a canvas renderer for tile layers and quad features
  • Added new marker styles for d3 rendered vectors
  • Zooming with the mouse wheel now supports animation and momentum (see the updated Tiles example)
  • All files have been converted into CommonJS modules and are built with webpack
  • PhantomJS tests are now executed with the Karma test runner
  • Unit test coverage information is collected by istanbul and reported to codecov
  • Performance results are submitted to CDash during testing as a JSON-encoded “notes” file (example)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs related to map animations and transitions
  • Fixed a tile layer performance bug when keepLower=false

Breaking changes

  • The global inherit function has moved to geo.inherit
  • The released bundle (geo.js) now includes pnltri, proj4, and gl-matrix internally
  • The external bundle (geo.ext.js) now contains only jQuery and d3
  • All sources in src/core/ have moved up a directory to be consistent with the namespaces in the module
  • The jQuery plugin has moved to OpenGeoscience/geojs-jquery-plugin and geojs-jquery-plugin on npm



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