Important Update for Online Resources While we Move (Edited with Dates)

December 5, 2018

Edit: We plan to relocate from Friday, December 14th, to Monday, December 17th. The impact on our online resources should be limited to Saturday, December 15th.

We are closing in on the move of our headquarters to a new spot in Clifton Park, New York! While we are working to ensure a smooth transition, some of our websites and resources will briefly go offline. These include the following:

  • certain platform websites such as,, and
  • mailman mailing lists
  • projects and repositories on
  • Discourse forums such as,, and
  • some parts of

In addition, our phone/voicemail system will be temporarily down.

We will note specific dates for our move and the downtime, once they are finalized. We will also post periodic updates on Twitter, so please follow @Kitware. Thank you for your patience!

If you would like to contact us during the move, please use email (e.g.,, as it will stay active. Other resources that will remain uninterrupted include these:

  • job postings on
  • the Kitware online store
  • our books on Amazon
  • our Twitter feed
  • our Facebook feed
  • our LinkedIn feed
  • our GitHub repositories
  • our repos on Docker Hub
  • software documentation on Read the Docs

If you have not yet seen our new space, please visit our Facebook page. We will continue to add pictures there.

With the move, our headquarters will go from two buildings to two floors in the same building. While we will have more space in terms of square feet, in other ways, we will be brought closer together. We will also have a faster network and a better setup for computing resources. For more information, please read “Kitware Opens Doors with New Headquarters.”


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