In Vivo Cell Cycle Profiling Paper Published in Nature Methods

April 14, 2015

The paper “In vivo cell cycle profiling in xenograft tumors by quantitative intravital microscopy” is currently being featured on Nature Methods.  It presents an integrated workflow for automated in vivo cell cycle profiling that enables large-scale, unbiased, consistent, and reproducible studies of the spatiotemporal effects of chemotherapeutic drugs and experimental perturbations on cell-cycle progression in living tissues at a single-cell level. The workflow combines a high-resolution intravital imaging setup for longitudinal observation of cell fate in living tissues with a novel computational framework for automated 3D segmentation and cell-cycle state identification of individual cell nuclei with widely varying morphologies, even those embedded in a highly complex tumor environment.

The paper is authored by Deepak R. Chittajallu, Stefan Florian, Rainer H Kohler, Yoshiko Iwamoto, James D. Orth, Ralph Weissleder, Gaudenz Danuser, and Timothy J. Mitchison. It will be featured in the June issue of the printed journal.

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