Interactive Simulation Visualizations Embedded in Slides With Glance

April 8, 2022
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Showing interactive visualization results during a slide presentation usually requires choosing between two less-than-ideal options: showing a video or switching out of the slide deck to launch an application or website. Both options have significant shortcomings: the former is just a recorded interaction, and the latter can break the flow of a presentation. What would be ideal is a third option: seamlessly embedding an interactive visualization into the slides of a presentation.

Recently, Rémi Delaporte-Mathurin, a PhD candidate studying nuclear fusion, found a solution for integrating interactive vtk.js visualizations into a presentation. Using Glance to visualize their results, they embedded the Glance link and data using!

Glance embedded into a slide deck on

Some Details About the Presentation

Rémi’s work focuses on modeling components exposed to extremely high heat and particle fluxes in nuclear fusion reactors. They developed a project called FESTIM (Finite Element Simulation of Tritium in Materials) in order to simulate hydrogen and its isotopes in fusion relevant materials. The presentation was a technical update on a FESTIM release, and the two interactive visualizations in the slide deck (shown in the video above) show a monoblock exposed to high heat loads and a temperature map of a breeding blanket component responsible for producing tritium. You can find more information about their work in the following links:

Thanks again to Rémi Delaporte-Mathurin for showing off this usage of Glance, and for providing permission to talk about their work. If you want to explore their presentation on the FESTIM project and see how Glance integrates with their slides, then check out their slide deck here. If you want to learn more about Glance and vtk.js, you can check out the Glance website and the vtk.js website for more information and examples.

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