ITK 3.10 Released

November 10, 2008

ITK 3.10 was released on November 4, 2008. The major changes in this release include:

  • Implementation of kernel-base filters contributed by Richard Beare and Gaetan Lehmann. ( In particular applied to Mathematical Morphology, and filters that can be computed using moving histograms, such as Mean, Standard Deviation and Rank.
  • Gaussian derivative operators contributed by Ivan Macia ( This contribution includes methods for computing Hessians and their eigen values at given points in an image.
  • Mesh processing filters for surfaces using the QuadEdge mesh representation, contributed by Arnaud Gelas, Alexander Gouaillard, and Sean Megason (
  • Parameterization of discrete surfaces contributed by Arnaud Gelas and Alexander Gouaillard (
  • Introduction of classes for profiling Memory Usage contributed by Matt Turek and Julien Jomier.

Changes to the itk::Image class that make it behave now like the itk::OrientedImage. This modification has profound implications for anyone working on image registration and image resampling. It is strongly recommended to carefully review the results of your image registration programs once you adopt this release.

More details about this release can be found at

ITK 3.10.1 Patch Released
A patch to the ITK 3.10 was released on December 8, 2008.

The major changes in this patch were releated to fixing many filters to take the image orientation into account; many thanks to Hans Johnson (University of Iowa) and Tom Vercauteren (Mauna Kea Technologies) for their hard work on identifying and fixing these problems.

Users are strongly encouraged to adopt the ITK 3.10.1 patch release in place of ITK 3.10.

The full list of modifications can be found at

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