ITK 3.12 Released

April 15, 2009

ITK 3.12 was released on March 3, 2009. The main changes in this release include the addition of classes contributed to the Insight Journal for performing: 

  •  certain specific Mathematical Morphology operations,
  • robust automatic thresholding,
  • computation of shape features such as tubularness, sheetness and blobiness, and 
  • a more flexible flood filled iterator.

Further improvements were made for providing conistent management of image directions.

Support for image streaming on the writers was made functional thanks to the help of Brad Lowekamp. More information on image streaming support can be found in Bradley Lowenkamp’s article published in the April 2009 Source.

Coding style was fixed across the toolkit by taking advantage of the KWStyle automatic style checker tool. From hereafter coding style will be verified at the moment of committing code to the CVS repository.

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