ITK 3.18 Now Available

April 15, 2010

ITK 3.18 is now available for download. The main changes in this release include:

  • Improvements in implementation of mathematical traits, particularly for fast rounding, contributed by Brad Lowenkamp and Tom Vercauteren.  
  • Addition of classes for managing internationalization of strings, contributed by Tom Vercauteren.
  • Updated the version of NrrdIO library in Utilities, thanks to Gordon Kindlmann and Michel Audette.
  • Fixed shadowing warnings reported by gcc.
  • Recently added classes were included in the Wrapping, thanks to Gaetan Lehmann.
  • Improved support for Symmetric Tensor operations, thanks to Luke Bloy. 
  • Improved behavior of the Object Factories, thanks to Brad Lowenkamp.
  • Improved testing for Discrete Gaussian derivative filter, thanks to Ivan Macia.

Thanks to Michel Audette, BSplineDeformableTransform now clones its bulk transform in the multi-threaded image registration metrics. Bill Lorensen’s work on GDCMImageIO computation of proper orientation and origin has enhabced MR Image Storage for DICOM images. Mattes Mutual Information metric now works on binary images. Thanks to Serena Fabri and Hans Johnson for reporting this bug. Brad Lowenkamp and Kent Williams fixed support for analyzing images of large size. The behavior of the VTKPolyDataReader was fixed by Bill Lorensen.

Affine registration of 3D images with Mean Squares metrics, affine registration of 2D binary images using MatchCardinalityMetric and AmoebaOptimizer, and computation of bounding boxes for segmented images were added in Insight. Extraction of iso-surfaces from segmented images and generation of screenshots from iso-surfaces were added in Insight Applications.

The following papers from the Insight Journal were moved into the Code/Review directory:

  • “Go-Go Gabor Gadgetry” by Nick Tustison and James Gee, Penn Image Computing and Science Laboratory University of Pennsylvania. (

(a)                                   (b)

(a) 2-D Gabor image and (b) a 2-D slice from the 3-D Gabor image.

  • “A Label Geometry Image Filter for Multiple Object Measurement” by Dirk Padfield and James Miller, GE Global Research. (


Ellipse notation illustration

Several third party files were replaced after it was brought to our attention that they were copyrighted by ACM and that they were subject to a license incompatible with the BSD license used by ITK. Many thanks to Professor Michael Saunders (Stanford University) for his patient assistance.

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