ITK 3.2 Released

March 11, 2007

ITK 3.2 was released on March 11th, 2007. In this release, source code from several papers contributed by users to the Insight Journal was introduced into the Review directory of the toolkit. These contributions include, among other topics:

• Watershed Transform,
• Neural Networks IO,
• Quad Edge Mesh infrastructure,
• Conformal Flattening,
• Optimizations for connected components and morphology filters,
• Regional Extrema Finding,
• Contour 2D Extractor,
• Bayesian Classifier,
• Image projections along axis, and
• Label Overlays.

Contributions that were in the Review directory for two previous releases were also moved to their final location inside the toolkit. In particular, a collection of classes for computing statistical distributions (including Chi square, Gaussian, and T distributions) were moved from the Review directory into the Code/Numerics/Statistics directory.

The Insight Journal is an Open Access Journal that enforces the reproducibility of technical work. It is currently used as the entry gate of new classes and new algorithms into the Insight Toolkit.

In this release, we also removed and replaced code that was covered by the copyright of Numerical Recipes. The new code is based on the implementation of the Brent bracketing method available at, and a second section was implemented from scratch based on the method description available in Wikipedia.
Full details on the release are available on the following Wiki page:


Conformal Flattening algorithm applied to a brain surface. Images from the Insight Journal paper by Yi Gao, John Melonakos and Alan Tannenbaum, “Conformal Flattening ITK Filter”. 


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