ITK 4.7.1 has been released!

February 18, 2015

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit Community, we are happy to announce the release of ITK 4.7.1!

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This is a patch release that addresses critical issues, regressions, important documentation, and compiler support. The 4.7.1 release fixes improves Visual Studio support, addresses Python wrapping runtime warnings, includes fixes for the ITK Software Guide, and addresses a few miscellaneous bugs.


Changes were added to improve support for Visual Studio 2013, the ITKVtkGlue module with Visual Studio, and for the upcoming Visual Studio 2015 release. Visual Studio 2013 (Professional and Community Editions) generated faulty code when compiled for Intel Win64 with SSE2 instructions in Release mode and/or when ITK_USE_64BITS_IDS was ON (Microsoft Visual Studio Bug ID 1060166 and 1093610). Workarounds were made to ITK’s code and the issues were reported to upstream Visual Studio, who have addressed the bugs in Visual Studio 2015.


Common WrapITK Python runtime warnings have all been addressed.


Fixes and style changes were made for the hardcopy of the The ITK Software Guide, which is now available!



Congratulations and thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. Questions and comments are welcome on the ITK mailing lists.


The next feature release of 4.8.0 is scheduled for June.


Enjoy ITK!


Changes from v4.7.0 to v4.7.1:


Brad King (1):

     COMP: Fix variable reference in ITKVtkGlue module files


Bradley Lowekamp (8):

     BUG: Enable setting all zeroes for fixed parameters for displacement

     COMP: Fix unsafe usage of sprintf

     BUG: Fix incorrectly ordering of template parameters

     COMP: check for search.h in libtiff

     BUG: restore the center point fixed parameters for scale transforms

     COMP: Use _timezone for Visual Studio

     BUG: Restore IO support for BSplineDeformableTransform

     BUG: Enable VectorImage to work with the ImageSeriesWriter

Christopher Mullins (2):

     BUG: Return a correct voronoi partition in Danielsson filter example.

     STYLE: Fix Latex blocks in documentation to include newlines.

Dženan Zukić (2):

     COMP: VS 2012+ compile fixes and CMake warnings

     COMP: fixing quote matching in vtkGlue-related .cmake file

Julien Jomier (1):

     BUG: Output pointer origin is not set causing a memory access error.

Marius Staring, Niels Dekker, Floris Berendsen (2):

     BUG: workaround for 64bit VS2013 Release segfaults (Visual Studio Bug ID 1060166)

     COMP: workaround for 64bit VS2013 Release ICE (Visual Studio Bug ID 1093610)

Matthew McCormick (9):

     ENH: Add wrapping for ITKImageNoise module.

     ENH: Bump release branch version to 4.7.1.

     BUG: Clear TransformIO's list of transforms in TransformFileReader.

     COMP: Fix wrapping runtime warning on unknown itk::Matrix.

     COMP: Add missing types for MeshTraits wrapping.

     COMP: Do not wrap the Container types for CellInterface * types.

     COMP: Add wrapping for CellTraitsInfo.

     COMP: Wrap missing Mesh templates.



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