ITK 4.8.0 Release Candidate 3 is ready for testing!

June 29, 2015

On behalf of the Insight Toolkit community, we are proud to announce that ITK 4.8.0 release candidate 3 has been tagged and is available for testing! Please take this opportunity to test the new features in the release candidate.



To obtain the source code,


 git clone

 cd ITK

 git checkout -q –detach v4.8rc03


For more details, please see the Git documentation.





A few of the Insight Journal articles included as Remote Modules: LabelErodeDilate and MinimalPathExtraction


A few selected highlights for this release:


  • New remote modules: BridgeNumPy, LabelErodeDilate, ParabolicMorphology, MinimalPathExtraction

  • itk::FFTPadImageFilter to automatically pad images for the FFT implementation’s supported greatest prime factor

  • Additional point set registration capabilities.

  • More modules can be built as shared libraries.

  • GDCM, MetaIO, KWSys, MINC have been updated to their latest upstream versions.

  • Python wrapping is in excellent shape and works with the latest GCC, Clang, and MSVC.

  • Experimental cross-compilation support for Windows (MinGW-w64), ARMv6 (Raspberry Pi), ARMv7 (Android), ppc64le (POWER8), and JavaScript (Emscripten).


Please test the release candidate and share your experiences on the mailing list, issue tracker, and Gerrit Code Review. Since GDCM has seen a major upgrade to the latest version, please exercise DICOM IO, and be on the lookout for regressions.


An Experimental build, which demonstrates how the test suite performs on your local build system, can be submitted to the dashboard with:


 mkdir ../ITK-build

 cd ../ITK-build

 cmake ../ITK

 ctest -j 4 -M Experimental  -T Configure -T Build -T Test -T Submit


Visual Studio builds must also add “-C Release” to the ctest command.

Notify the mailing list if there are any unexpected failures.  Testing your own applications against the RC is also appreciated.


Congratulations and well done to the 31 contributors to this release. We would especially like to recognize the new contributors, David Froger, Cyril Mory, Dzenan Zukic, Ivan Setiawan, Jan Bergmeier, Rolf Eike Beer, Davis Vigneault, Gary JIA, and Alexander Hewer.


The final release will be approximately one week from now.



New Features



* Wrapping improvements


* Compiler Support


* New Remote Modules


* Infrastructure Improvements

  • An script for 3rd party updates with Git subtree

  • Minimum required CMake version is now 2.8.9

  • Many more modules can be built as shared libraries

  • ITK_USE_SYSTEM_LIBRARIES variable during initial configuration to turn on use of common system third party libraries by default

  • Release testing data tarball split from source tarball

  • Gold linker used by default on Linux


* Filtering Improvements

  • itk::FFTPadImageFilter to automatically pad images for the FFT implementation’s supported greatest prime factor

  • itk::AtomicInt class for parallel computation

  • Various performance enhancements


* Registration Improvements

  • Point set SyN registration

  • Point set BSpline SyN registration


* Documentation Improvements


* Third Party Library Updates

  • GDCM updated to latest upstream

  • KWSys updated to the latest upstream

  • MetaIO updated to the latest upstream

  • MINC updated to the latest upstream


* Style improvements — ITK gets more stylish with every release!


* Improved code coverage — we are at 85.4%!


* *Lots* of important bug fixes


* And much more! See details in the log below.


Changes from v4.8rc02..v4.8rc03


Bradley Lowekamp (3):

     BUG: Remove reliance on exceptions in StringTools::ToData methods

     BUG: Fix WriteCellsAsBinary and valgrind defects

     COMP: Explicitly export SingleValuedNonLinearVnlOptimizerv4

Matthew McCormick (4):

     COMP: Address may be used uninitialized in IdentityTransformTest.

     COMP: Address array subscript above bounds in VTKPolyDataReader.

     COMP: Work around GDCM test segfault with Clang 3.5+.

     BUG: Do not use pthreads with Emscripten.

Michka Popoff (1):

     ENH: Update PyInit for Python 3

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