The editors of the Architecture of Open Source Applications have done it again!

Greg Wilson and Amy Brown just brought to us Volume II of The Architecture of Open Source Applications (AOSA) book, and this time it includes a Chapter on ITK!

AOSA Book Cover AOSA Book Cover
 Volume I  Volume II

This is not only an excellent pair of reference books about Open Source, but it is also in itself a practical demonstration of what the future of technical publishing may look like — combining high-quality with agility and still building upon an environment of openness:

In addition, all the royalties from book sales go to Amnesty International.

Volume I already contained Chapters on:

The ITK Chapter in the new Volume II covers:

  • What Is ITK?
  • Architectural Features
    • The Nature of the Beast
    • Modularity
    • Data Pipeline
      • Process and Data Objects
      • The Pipeline Class Hierarchy
      • The Inner Workings of the Pipeline
    • Factories
    • IO Factories
      • Embracing Diversity with Facades
      • Know Thy Pixel Type
      • Together But Separate
    • Streaming
  • Lessons Learned
    • Reusability
      • Generic Programming
      • Knowing When to Stop
    • Maintainability
    • The Invisible Hand
    • Refactoring
    • Reproducibility

Many of these sections are written from the perspective of the recent ITKv4 Refactoring.

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