ITKv4 & Microscopy

August 3, 2010

As we mentioned briefly in our recent post, the upcoming version of ITKv4 will provide better support for Microscopy Applications.

Here are some of the critical topics for which we will be improving ITKv4 in order to better serve application developers in the domain of Microscopy imaging.

  • Very Large datasets (GigaBytes / TeraBytes)
  • Temporal data (2D+t, 3D+t)
  • Multiple Components per pixel
  • Very large number of objects of interest per image
  • High throughput (thousands of datasets to analyze in batch/parallel)

Since all of these topics are far from trivial, we need the joint effort of a larger community to address them properly. No single institution has the “know how”, access to domain experts, and technology for effectively tackling these problems on their own.

A collaboration effort is the best approach for jointly addressing these challenges. To that end we are coordinating with different groups that currently work in microscopy and related biomedical fields to:

  • Gather common resources
  • Identify specific needs and challenges
  • Share effort on addressing problems

We anticipate that each one of the participants, and the community at large, will benefit from distributing the burden of working on each one of those individual problems.

We have already identified several critical technologies that must be added to ITK to support microscopy, such as:

  • More explicit representation of time and channels
  • Management of multi-resolution datasets
  • Management of multi-gigabyte datasets (TeraBytes being the standard to look for in 5 years)

Additional needs and efforts of ITK regarding microscopy are listed here:

This page is open to comments and contributions from the public. Please join the conversation!

An initial list of interested groups is available here:

and of course, you all are welcome to join and participate. Let us know of your interest, or simply edit the Wiki page and add your group to the list.

We have also collected an initial list of applications (domains of application and specific software applications) in the following Wiki page:

A number of Events related to ITK and Microscopy have been listed here:

In particular:

We are also looking at Microscopy as a testbed for the ITK Simplified Layer that is one of the initiatives of ITKv4:

We will be happy to hear your feedback and suggestions on these exciting activities.

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