Kitware at SciPy 2015

September 24, 2015

The SciPy 2015 Conference was another fantastic gathering of open source scientific efforts. Kitware was a proud participant in this years conference, presenting talks and posters, helping with organization, participating at the sprints, and financially contributing as a silver sponsor for the event.


The talks and posters Kitware presented at the conference were:



An Open-Source Data Archive for Expert-Annotated Dermoscopic Images,

Brian Helba; Kitware, Inc.,  

David Gutman; Emory University,

Rich Stoner; University of California, San Diego

Allan Halpern; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Michael Marchetti; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Stephen Dusza; Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Description: “We discuss the development and operation of an open-source web-based publicly-available data archive, providing images of skin lesions, associated diagnostic metadata, and annotations of clinical features by leading experts in dermatology.“



Scientific Data Analysis and Visualization with VTK and ParaView

Cory Quammen, Kitware, Inc


Description: “I discuss the integration of Python in VTK and ParaView, open-source software packages for producing 3D visualizations of scientific data.”


Development of Large Image Analysis Workflows in the Context of “SlideAtlas”

Dhanannjay “Djay” Deo, Kitware, Inc

Brian Helba, Kitware, Inc


Description: “We will discuss lifecycle of the large image analysis application development in the context of "SlideAtlas", an open source interactive visualization and analysis platform for large image datasets.”



Docker for Improved Reproducibility of Scientific Python Analyses

Matthew McCormick, Kitware, Inc


Description: “Docker allows scientists to create a reproducible computational environment that can be easily created, versioned, archived, and shared. In this talk we give an introduction to basic Docker concepts and describe how to uses it with the scientific Python stack.”



Wrapping C and C++ Libraries with CastXML

Brad King, Kitware, Inc

Bill Hoffman, Kitware, Inc

Matthew McCormick, Kitware, Inc

Michka Popoff


Description: Automated wrapping of C and C++ libraries requires parsing of the source code and generation of an abstract syntax tree that can be consumed by other tools. For this task we introduce CastXML, the next generation of GCC-XML, based on the Clang parser.


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