Chances are that you already followed one of our many courses at Kitware’s facilities in France.
VTK and ParaView User courses, very popular ones, occur every 6 months and are also available on demand. See our catalog on for future sessions.

During covid, we had to transition to online courses and to reduce the offer. This was a perfect opportunity for doing a bit of dusting on both VTK and ParaView courses.

Many new and exciting features will now be covered during the sessions.
Here are the new programs!

VTK for Data Exploration

With this new Python dedicated course, you will learn all about VTK and discover even some other tools in the VTK ecosystem that will go a long way.

  • Basic mechanisms of VTK
    • Data model
    • Processing pipeline
    • Rendering pipeline
    • Common filters
  • 2D Plotting
  • Input and Output
    • Reader
    • Writer
    • Screenshot
    • Temporal data
  • Prototyping with VTK:
    • Simple filter (C++/Python)
    • VTK and NumPy
    • Pyvista
    • Jupyter notebook
    • ParaView programmable filter

VTK for Application Developers

In this new, c++ oriented, application dedicated course, you will learn all you need to create your own application, with Qt integration and Interaction sections.

  • Data models and pipeline usage – quick reminder
  • Advanced pipeline mechanisms: 
    • Pipeline passes and information keys
    • Time handling
    • Executive
  • Filter writing
  • VTK interaction:
    • Interactors and Interactor Styles
    • Observer and Events
    • Picking
    • Widgets
  • Integration in Qt application
  • Debug VTK application

ParaView User

ParaView Graphical Interface

With all the new features in ParaView, the user course was becoming a bit too long. We now make sure to spend enough time on the basics and more hands-on exercices.

  • ParaView Overview
    • User interface
    • Pipeline sources and filters
    • Datasets visualization and exploration
    • Datasets post-processing
  • Python Scripting
    • Scripting ParaView using its Python API
  • Plugins
    • Introduction to the use of ParaView plugins

ParaView Advanced

Many more advanced ParaView features, especially advanced rendering methods are pretty popular and have been integrated in our training sessions. Now, it only requires Python knowledge.

  • Custom Python Programmable Filters and Sources
  • Write and Use a Python and XML ParaView Plugins
  • Use the new rendering techniques in ParaView
  • Parallel processing and visualization with ParaView
  • Introduction to in-situ processing with ParaView Catalyst

ParaView Developer

In this new on-demand course only, you will learn how to write your own plugins and applications based on ParaView.

  • Plugins: How to write client and server C++ plugins
  • Understand ParaView architecture
  • Create your own ParaView based application

Kitware Europe also offers many courses on other topics, including CMake, Slicer, VTK.JS, Activiz …
You can register online at:

Our experts can also give online/onsite on-demand training tailored for your team. As an option the program can be customized if you would like to learn about specific topics that are not included in the standard program.

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