Kitwareans across the globe today celebrated Pi Day with some delicious round treats.

Our CMake team also celebrated the timely release of CMake 3.14 by approximating Pie.

You may have been wondering why we haven’t just gone to CMake 4.  Well now you know – we’ve been playing the long game, preparing to show our love of maths puns.

Here’s another for you:

Why is there no difference between Halloween and Christmas to a computer scientist?

Because OCT 31 = DEC 25

There was also plenty of pizza pie (and cake) to be had in our New Mexico, North Carolina, Virginia, and Lyon offices.

We proved our love of Euler’s proof in Lyon with some handmade pizzas
πr^2 and so are these cakes
Since they are small, 3 pie was the only rational solution

Happy Pi Day!

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