Kitware’s paper accepted at MIDL2022

Sagittal brain MRI

Kitware team, in collaboration with Stanford, the University of Iowa, and KnowledgeVis, has been working on a web-based software system for quality assurance of medical images (MIQA). Recently we submitted a short paper describing the use of AI, specifically artificial neural networks (ANNs), to make quality assurance workflow more efficient in terms of quality and time. It was accepted for an oral presentation at Medical Imaging with Deep Learning conference, scheduled in July Zurich, Switzerland. The full text of the article, along with peer review, can be found on the OpenReview platform:

We have also made the entire source code open source for the community’s benefit and feedback which can be found here.

2 brain MRIs and QA confusion matrix
2 brain MRIs and quality assessment confusion matrix from the paper.

MIQA is a collaboration between Kitware medical imaging and the data analytics team, and we continue to gather feedback from the community and other stakeholders. If you would like to reach out to us regarding MIQA or how we could help with medical imaging quality assurance, visualization, and analytics, feel free to reach us at

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