KWWidgets Update

March 13, 2007

There has not been an official release of KWWidgets. However, the following features have been added to the project recently. You can download KWWidgets from

• Improvements in the state machine framework with the workflow wizard (currently used by the EMSegment module in NAMIC Slicer3.) The vtkKWStateMachineDOTWriter can use its output to create figures/diagrams automatically using graphviz’s dot or to create them dynamically into a Wiki that supports it. The following figure was generated on the fly in the Kitware Wiki: Check the page source to see how this was accomplished.
• vtkKWLogWidget can be used to log VTK Error/Warning macro output. This is currently used by the main application of NAMIC Slicer3. This widget can be used to display various types of records/events in the form of a multicolumn log. Each record is time-stamped automatically, and the interface allows the user to sort the list by time, type, or description. This widget can be inserted in any widget hierarchy, or it can be used as a standalone dialog through the vtkKWLogDialog class.

New widgets:
• vtkKWListBoxWithScrollbarsWithLabel
• vtkKWMatrixWidget
• vtkKWMatrixWidgetWithLabel
• vtkKWMultiColumnListWithLabel
• vtkKWScaleWithLabelSet
• Improved widgets (new features, functions, or events)
• vtkKWMultiColumnList
• vtkKWTree
• vtkKWListBoxToListBoxSelectionEditor
• vtkKWTclInteractor
• vtkKWProgressGauge (supporting secondary gauges)
• vtkKWParameterValueFunctionEditor
• vtkKWWin32RegistryHelper
• vtkKWRadioButton
• vtkKWOptions
• vtkKWColorPresetSelector
• vtkKWOptions
• vtkKWChangeColorButton

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