Leverage Kitware’s Expertise to Develop Your Mobile Medical Imaging Application

With the wide availability of cloud technology, the best modern medical imaging software now seamlessly spans desktops, web browsers, and mobile devices to bring a uniform software experience to physicians, clinicians and radiologists. In addition to building world-class desktop medical imaging software, Kitware’s Medical Computing Team also has the expertise to build your mobile and web-based medical imaging applications to provide a consistent, powerful experience for your users.

Our Technical Expertise

We have deep experience in overcoming the technical hurdles, both common and uncommon, to bringing advanced, mobile medical imaging applications to market, including

  • Complex build processes integrating both common and custom C/C++ libraries with Swift on iOS and with Kotlin or C++ on Android, both via modern CMake
  • Implementing pixel-perfect designs produced by either your design team or ours
  • Advanced medical imaging and visualization, powered by VTK, suitable for approved use in both research and clinical settings
  • Advanced medical imaging algorithms, including 3D segmentation and registration using ITK, 3D Slicer, and MONAI.
  • Integration with ordering, billing, and licensing systems to provide per-case or per-patient revenue
  • Integration with cloud-based data sources, including both private servers (e.g., via a REST API) and major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • Implementing common cybersecurity requirements to protect protected health information (PHI), including data encryption both in-flight and at rest
  • Building embedded VTK.js visualizations, which can provide a unified rendering codebase across all major platforms

Our Process Expertise

In addition to our technical expertise, we are experts in developing applications according to a  Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) process. We work directly with customers during every phase in this process to produce a market-ready medical imaging application that is suitable, for example, for an FDA 510(k) submission.

During the initial design phase, we assist our customers in creating initial requirements and specifications, determining the best technology stack to deploy, and appropriately scoping the work to both time and budget.

Once the development phase begins, we iterate rapidly to implement features, adjust requirements, and solve issues as they arise. Additionally, our software process includes ready-made testing and developer-friendly documentation. Throughout development, our process provides full traceability between requirements, software features, bugs, tests, and documentation.

Finally, we often assist our customers in writing full engineering documentation, from documenting the code itself to providing software architecture diagrams to writing the final required FDA documentation, such as the Software Design Specification (SDS). Under our flexible non-disclosure agreement, our customers have successfully submitted and received FDA 510(k) approval for several Kitware-built applications in recent years.

Partner with Kitware to Bring Your Medical Imaging App to Market

In bringing your new product to market, the biggest challenge is often choosing how to best collaborate with a software partner. Kitware’s Medical Computing Team is here to provide a full software engineering presence in this process. In addition to our wide-ranging technical and process expertise discussed above, Kitware’s open source model offers flexibility in creating your ideal product strategy. Request a meeting with our technical experts for more information.

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