MIDASDesktop 1.8.2 Released

July 28, 2011

Kitware is pleased to announce the release of MIDASDesktop 1.8.2. MIDAS Desktop is a client-side GUI application for synchronizing data and metadata between a user’s local filesystem and a MIDAS server. It also manages, searches, and organizes datasets in both the client and server datastores.

A major update included in this release is that MIDASDesktop and MIDAScli are now built as application wrapping libraries that are part of the Common Toolkit (CTK).  By porting much of the bulk of MIDASDesktop’s functionality into CTK, older library dependencies were replaced with better functionality such as that which exists within Qt. These changes will allow users to pause and resume file uploads and downloads, and also push selected subtrees of their data using drag and drop. The default directory has also been updated to allow non-root users to add and pull resources without having to manually set a new root directory.

The full list of changes and updates is available on the MIDAS wiki and the release is available for download on the MIDAS resources page.

If you are interested in further information about MIDASDesktop or in services around MIDASDesktop, such as support, consulting, or training please contact us at kitware@kitware.com or (518) 371-3971.

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