Project MONAI is hosting a 3-day, online bootcamp, September 22-24, on how to train and deploy deep learning algorithms for medical image analysis. This hands-on course is free, and registration is now open.

MONAI is the open-source, community-supported, PyTorch library being created by Project MONAI. MONAI is freely available for academic and commercial use. It prioritizes reproducibility while offering cutting-edge data augmentation, training, and validation components that are ideally suited for medical image segmentation, registration, classification, outcome prediction, and more.

Project MONAI and this bootcamp also include MONAI Label, an AI-assisted medical image annotation tool that is now integrated with 3D Slicer. This intelligent, continuous learning, annotation tool helps researchers and clinicians collaborate, create annotated datasets, and build AI models in a user-friendly, interactive, visualization application.

If you want to quickly use or contribute to Project MONAI, determine if Project MONAI is the right foundation for you, or gain the material and expertise needed to teach others how to use Project MONAI, then this bootcamp is ideal for you!

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