New in ParaView: Rendering information in Render Views

June 10, 2014

Oftentimes I find myself wondering, especially when running ParaView in client-server mode, `Is this render using a remote render or a local render?', 'Was a lower level-of-detail being used at all?'. Until now the ways to find this out were rather adhoc, heavily relying on tribal knowledge about the internals of the ParaView's rendering strategies.

New changes on their way to be merged in ParaView's development repository make this a little easier. Render Views can now optionally show informative text on the top-left corner with such information about the most recent render.


To enable this annotation, go the Render View tab in the Settings dialog and then search for annotation.

The information shown in this annotation is just a placeholder and we can certainly extend it to provide additional information as needed. Feel free to voice your opinions in the comments section or on the mailing list.

Update: This feature is now in development/nightly versions of ParaView and will be included in the ParaView 4.2 release.

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