NVIDIA IndeX Plug-in for ParaView: Analyze and Visualize Large Volume Datasets

Thanks to the powerful supercomputers and HPC clusters these days; you have captured many details in your simulations for gaining insight. At the same time, you ended up with terabytes of volumetric data to analyze and visualize for extracting useful information while interacting with it.  There are several tools available that can help you with visualizing the details in smaller subsets, but how do you interactively visualize the 3D data in its entirety?

NVIDIA Index™ is a commercial software product and is a scalable GPU solution for high-quality visualization of large volumetric and surface data at interactive frame-rates. IndeX scales from a single workstation with multiple GPUs to mutli-GPU clusters. The software framework serves a wide range of the 3D Visualization market, such as Weather Simulation, Deep Learning, Medical domain, and O&G industry. To support the customers and the current tools that are being used in these markets, NVIDIA is currently developing a plug-in for ParaView, in collaboration with Kitware, to visualize large volumetric datasets using IndeX while preserving the current workflows. In addition, the Tesla GPUs in supercomputers today will allow you to keep the data onsite while analyzing and visualizing it remotely using the ParaView-IndeX plugin and, thus, save time and costs associated with moving the data to a local site. The combination of ParaView and IndeX delivers a state-of the art in-situ 3D visualization frame-work. 

To learn more about IndeX, please come to our GPU Technology Conference talk, “S5307-NVIDIA IndeX the In-Situ Visualization Software Merges Compute Cycles with Graphics Cycles,” on March 17th. In addition, Kitware is presenting a talk on March 18th, titled “S5604-Visualization Toolkit: Faster, Better, Open Scientific Rendering and Compute,” on how you can take advantage of NVIDIA GPUs. Kitware is also conducting a hands-on lab on March 20th, titled “S5710-In-Situ Data Analysis and Visualization: ParaView, Catalyst, and VTK-m.” These talks will be recorded and will also be available later for viewing at the GTC conference website. 

Volume rendering of seismic data in NVIDIA IndeX™

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