ParaView 3.98.1 Now Available

February 12, 2013

The ParaView team is happy to announce that ParaView 3.98.1 is now available on the ParaView download page. This release focuses on polishing recent features introduced in ParaView 3.98.0, including math-text in annotation and rendering translucent geometries.

The math-text in annotation capability is extended in ParaView 3.98.1 to support math-text in additional annotations

including Text source, chart titles, and scalar bars. By using $$ for the annotation, content within the $…$ symbols will be treated as math-text and rendered using matplotlib.

The issues with rendering translucent geometries have been addressed and corrected. Rendering datasets with a cell containing more than 512 points no longer causes freezes and segfaults in parallel. The team has also addressed the OSX Mountain Lion runtime issue that seemed to correlate to the number of libraries being loaded or linked.

There are a number of other improvements, such as minimizing progress messages to eliminate clogs to MPI channels, that can be found in the change log.

The ParaView team encourages you to try the 3.98.1 release and leave feedback through user voice. In addition, the mailing lists are an excellent resource for information and queries. For more information on ParaView, visit the website at


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