ParaView 5.4.1 is now available for download. This bug fix release addresses a number of problems in 5.4.0, including:

  • The black render window observed on some systems when FXAA was enabled or an object’s opacity was less than 1 has been fixed.
  • Field output for cells with non-straight edges has been corrected.
  • Derivatives for quadratic triangles are now computed correctly.
  • A bug that occurred when generating a Catalyst script with no images output has been fixed.
  • A problem with writing animations as AVIs was fixed.
  • Logic in the CGNS reader was updated to correctly read all solution nodes for each centering type when FlowSolutionPointers are missing.
  • Fixed crash in CGNS reader when moving forward in time.
  • Fixed problem with long-running animations not advancing past a certain number of time steps.
  • Resolved issue where changing one file path in the state file loader “Choose File Names” dialog also changed the file paths of other files with the same type.
  • Addressed problem with enumerated property dependencies in ParaViewWeb.
  • Added ability to change the font size in the ParaView user interface.
  • Fixed BoxLib3D file reader.
  • State files now properly support files with relative paths.
  • Removed inappropriate scalar bar scaling when saving large screen shots.
  • A bug in the color mapping that in some cases incorrectly mapped some data values to the above-range color was fixed.
  • OSPRay can now be compiled in Cray programming environments and for the first time has support for Intel Skylake processors.
  • Added lower limit to how small the GUI font size can be.
  • Addressed issue affecting layouts when loading a state file from the Python console.

7 comments to ParaView 5.4.1 Release Notes

  1. The Windows .zip version of Paraview 5.4.1 is coming up with a missing msmpi.dll. Do I need to install this to run Paraview, or is that missing from the zip bundle?

  2. I see now that I grabbed the MPI version of Paraview instead of the non-mpi version. The non-mpi 5.4.1 is working for me. Thanks.

  3. Is there any change about the CoProcessing includes in this release? I’ve been facing some issues when trying to link with this version “fatal error: vtkCPPythonScriptPipeline.h: No such file or directory”

    1. Hi Renato,

      There shouldn’t be anything different for the 5.4.1 release as far as linking a simulation code with Catalyst. What’s your link command and what’s the exact error?

      1. it happened when I tried to link my adaptor… somehow the make install target produced by cmake has not compiled the include files. I’ve managed to copy them manually and now it worked as expected.

        1. It looks like you need to enable the PARAVIEW_INSTALL_DEVELOPMENT_FILES CMake option when configuring the ParaView build. This will allow the install to also copy over all files needed when developing code that links with ParaView like Catalyst.

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