ParaView Glance, Release 2.6 Brings Mobile Support

ParaView Glance supports polygonal, molecular, point cloud, and medical data visualization on desktops and phones.

ParaView Glance allows you to interactively view a variety of 3D data in your web browser using hardware-accelerated visualization techniques such as volume rendering. It is particularly well-suited for quickly exploring LIDAR point-cloud data, volumetric medical images (such as MRI and CT data), objects for 3D printing and molecular structures.

With version 2.6, ParaView Glance runs on mobile devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets. It also supports multi-touch input to rotate, pan, and zoom your data as well as to edit its volume rendering transfer function, color, and opacity.


As our release announcement for ParaView Glance notes, we have our sights set on the future. Upcoming releases of the application will provide (1) interactive data annotation tools such as point, ruler and angle widgets and (2) optional integration with our cloud-base data management platform, Girder.

Since ParaView Glance is part of our ParaView platform, it is released as open source software. You can download the source code for the latest version from GitHub.

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