ParaView Glance Release v3.5: In-Browser, Scientific Visualization and Annotation

ParaView Glance v3.5 (via VTK.js) includes an improved transfer function editor for 3D volume rendering.  This editor presents a more intuitive user interface that enables multiple colormaps and opacity curves (i.e., transfer functions) to be assigned throughout the recorded intensities range.  This image illustrates angiogenesis around a malignant tumor in a mouse model, as captured by micro-bubble-enhanced ultrasound data, provided by Dr. Paul Dayton and Isabel Newsome, UNC-BME.

We are pleased to announce the release of ParaView Glance v3.5 (github | release).

ParaView Glance brings the latest web technologies for interactive scientific data visualization to your browser. Launch ParaView Glance from web pages or from your desktop to quickly view volume-rendered images, geometries, molecules, point clouds, and much more.

This release of ParaView Glance contains the following enhancements that coincide with recent developments in VTK.js and ITK.js:

  • Improved transfer function editor – Provides a long list of presets as well as a more intuitive interface for specifying simple and complex transfer functions.
  • High-quality widget rendering – Uses SVG rendering to create high-quality, 2D, interactive graphics on top of VTK.js windows and thereby define high-quality line, angle, and text annotation widgets.
ParaView Glance v3.5 provides 2D annotations and 3D painting, via VTK.js
  • 3D painting – Enables painting in multiple colors into multiple overlays per image, with multi-stroke undo/redo and support for using an underlying image to control how the paint is applied, e.g., limiting paint to points in the image that are above a given threshold.
  • Export ParaView visualizations as ParaView Glance HTML files – Enables ParaView to export its scenes as stand-alone ParaView Glance HTML files.  Email those HTML files  to colleagues to share your latest visualizations, and they can view and manipulate them without installing any software, in their browsers! 
  • VTK.js 11.1 – Offers a multitude of new rendering and interaction capabilities as well as performance improvements.
ParaView Glance and VTK.js support a variety of scientific data format and rendering algorithms, including surfaces with texture maps and material properties, point clouds, and molecular structures. Via ITK.js, they also support a wide variety of medical image formats.
  • ITK.js 9.1 – Contains infrastructure improvements including improved continuous testing to ensure that image I/O and filtering in ParaView Glance and other ITK.js projects remain stable as development continues.

The roadmap for ParaView Glance includes future versions that will store and share data and annotations using Kitware’s Girder data management system and provide critical point cloud and image filtering and analysis options using ITK.js.

The detailed release notes for this and all prior versions of ParaView Glance, VTK.js, and ITK.js are available at the following links:

ParaView Glance, VTK.js, and ITK.js are offered as freely available, open source platforms that can be integrated into academic and commercial products and processes.   Contact us at to learn how we can help you integrate ParaView Glance, VTK.js, and ITK.js into your research, processes and products.

This work was funded, in part, by the National Institute Of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS), the National Institute Of Biomedical Imaging And Bioengineering (NIBIB), and the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS), via NIH grants R01EB021396, R01EB014955, and R42NS086295

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