Point Cloud Library Plugin Ready for ParaView

July 16, 2012

On the Point Clould Library (PCL) site, they recently announced the release of the source code of the PCL plugin for ParaView. The Point Clould Library is an open-source project for 2D and 3D image and point cloud processing. With the PCL plugin, developed by Kitware, ParaView users can access the PCL algorithms from within ParaView.

The plugin was presented as part of the PCL tutorial at CVPR 2012, and users were able to see first-hand how the Python bindings for VTK filters enabled rapid prototyping and integration. Some of the point cloud processing algorithms the plugin provides access to include Euclidean cluster extraction, robust plane/cylinder fitting, surface normal estimation, VoxelGrid filter for downsampling, and Radius-based outlier removal. The PCL article also has a video demonstrating the plugin.

For more information or to download the PCL plugin, visit its wiki page, or the PCL website. For information on ParaView, visit the ParaView site or get involved by joining the mailing lists.

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