Post-MIDL MONAI Meetup!

July 10, 2022

Motivated by the outstanding innovations demonstrated using the open-source MONAI platform at the 2022 Medical Imaging with Deep Learning conference (MIDL) , the MONAI development team is hosting a “Post-MIDL MONAI Meetup”!

Come learn about the latest features and future plans for MONAI, participate in a Q&A session with the MONAI developers, and find new collaborators and new opportunities so that the impact of MIDL and MONAI can continue to spread!

When: July 28th,  8am to 11am CET


Registration is open to all and free:

Invited talks will include:

  • MONAI for Pathology
  • SWIN UNETR for large scale, pre-trained models
  • MONAI Federated Learning
  • Deploying MONAI in clinical environments

Office Hours will feature a Q&A session with the developers, and we encourage MIDL presenters and participants to join in sharing their latest lessons learned and research results.

See you then!
— The MONAI Development Team, Working Groups, and Advisory Board

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