Quick launch just got fuzzier

May 22, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you have no idea what the Filters or Sources menu in ParaView looks like anymore. That’s because you’ve been using the quick-launch dialog. If you have not used it before, just hit Ctrl+Space, Alt+Space, or Cmd+Space in your ParaView window. That pops up a convenient little dialog that lets you search through all available sources and filters using their names, updating the list as you continue typing the word(s).

Matches "w"

The dialog always supported fuzzy search based on word order or partial words e.g. surface ex matches Extract Surface, Extract Generic Dataset Surface, and Extract Region Surface.

Matches for "surface ex"

With new changes that just landed in ParaView git repo, you no longer have to spell those words fully. Thus, srf ex will produce the same matches as surface extract.

Matches for "srf ex"

Tt’s rgt, we cn nw be evn lzier, bt wil hv to wt til PrVw 5.1.


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