Recent Releases: KiwiViewer 2.0

April 15, 2013

The Kitware mobile development team has released KiwiViewer 2.0 for iOS, available as a free download in the App Store.  This release is a major upgrade over the previous one – it includes a new user interface, new methods of data access like Dropbox and Midas, ParaView integration, and lots of enhancements to the visualization engine including support for animations, textured meshes, and custom color maps.  See the main article on page 20 for an in depth look at the new features, a technical discussion for developers, and a note about KiwiViewer for Android.

See the article “KiwiViewer: Bringing Mobile Data Visualization to the Party” for more in-depth information on KiwiViewer 2.0.

Slice planes and streamlines extracted from a blood flow simulation, visualized on an iPad with KiwiViewer 2.0.  KiwiViewer supports complex scenes with custom colormaps.

For more information on the latest update of KiwiViewer or to learn more about Kitware’s Mobile Computing expertise, please visit the KiwiViwer website or email

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