Selected ParaView 4.4 features

August 12, 2015

Here is a screenshot of the dataset bake.e. This shows numerous new enhancements of ParaView 4.4.0, which will be released in the next month or so. These features include:

  • Random colored blocks. By coloring each block seperately, users can easily select and otherwise manipulate these blocks. It is trivial to change colors back to white, or color by variable.  We are using a new color map named KAAMS. This color map was designed to work reasonably well for color blind folks.
  • Kitware has added an interactive selection cell and point mode. As you move your mouse around an object, ParaView will interactively show any labels selected using the Find Data dialog.  Multiple points can be selected and labeled at a time.
  • ParaView will now select the nearest point, discarding the need to use Surface with Edges, and then rubber band selecting to select a point. 
  • A black background palette is now available, and palettes can now be selected easily using an icon next to the Find Data dialog.



This image was created with the new Black Background palette. The dataset was read in twice – once displayed as block colors for the walls (using the new KAAMS annotation color table) and once colored by T (temperature) for the center cone. The center object was then clipped and displayed as a solid color table and also as an opacity by variable color table. Finally, areas of interest were analyzed for T.


Alan Scott

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