SIAM’s Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) conference was held this year in Salt Lake City. Over one thousand people attended the conference, which featured minisymposia, minitutorials, and keynote addresses.

The conference had a lot to offer, and Kitware participated in several activities. On the first day of the conference, Bill Hoffman and Andy Bauer attended the career fair and discussed the many perks and benefits of working at Kitware. They also took part in a CASL minisymposia titled “Software Process for a CASL Sustainable Simulation Software Solution.” For the minisymposia, Bill presented on CMake, CTest, and CDash, and Andy presented on Computational Model Builder (CMB) and ParaView Catalyst. In addition, Tribits and Hydra-TH were presented. Tribits can be considered an extension of the CMake toolset for the DoE, and Hydra-TH is a powerful CFD package to which Kitware has contributed.

Will Schroeder gave a keynote talk titled “Scaling Open Systems for Future Computational Challenges.” In his presentation, Will discussed open initiatives in the changing environment surrounding scientific computation and how they relate to HPC, big data, and software architectures. Below is a picture of his talk.

The next day, Bob O’Bara presented “OCC-Based Meshing for RGG Applications Using MeshKit” at the minisymposium “Frameworks, Algorithms, and Scalable Technologies for Parallel Unstructured Mesh Workflows.”  This was a joint presentation with Kitware, Argonne National Labortory, and the University of Wisconson.  In addition, Bob also participated on Monday’s Poster Session with Argonne National Laboratory.

To wrap up Kitware’s participation in the conference, Andy took part in the Python Visual Analytics for Big Data minitutorial on March 18, showcasing both VTK and ParaView. You can get access to the git repo at and to the tutorial at

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