Simulations as a service with VTK.js and ParaView

May 11, 2023

Showing off how Quanscient’s expertise in cloud computing and simulation algorithms and how Kitware technologies, namely VTK.js and ParaView – were crucial in the development of Quanscient.allsolve.

Quanscient and allsolve

Quanscient is a Finland based company offering Quanscient.allsolve, a cutting-edge simulation software running in the cloud with a web-based UI.
Quanscient developed a set of high-performance algorithms for running parallel simulations on the cloud, including multiphysics and transient simulations.
Thanks to those algorithms as well as a distributed architecture, Quanscient.allsolve enables running simulations at blazing speed. Only a web browser is needed to get started.

VTK.js in quanscient.allsolve

Setting up a simulation can be done entirely through a scripting tool based on Python.
Additionally, Quanscient.allsolve introduces a very user-friendly experience to interactively setup simulations.
This is where Kitware and VTK.js came in to help Quanscient build the UI.

Features like translucent rendering and GPU selector already available in VTK.js combined with Kitware’s strong expertise in web visualization made it a breeze to come in with a powerful yet simple UI.

Figure 1: Physics setup view with the VTK.js backed picking on the right side

Visualizing simulations results with ParaView

Figure 2: Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUT) Array Visualization

Visualization of the simulation results is made possible by VTK.js hooked to a ParaView backend.
ParaView is a powerful and flexible post-processing visualization engine leveraging VTK. Visualization results can therefore be clipped, sliced and warped, and more advanced visualization tools such as streamlines and glyphs are also available in Quanscient.allsolve.

Figure 3: Microchannel cooling visualization

Experienced ParaView users are not left aside!
Quanscient.allsolve allows you to download the raw simulation results, which can be opened in your local ParaView. The flexible infrastructure makes it possible to implement direct connections to the remote ParaView server with your local ParaView Desktop to immediately visualize your simulation outputs in ParaView (feature in Quanscient.allsolve roadmap)!

Figure 4: Electric Motor visualization


If you want to know more about Quanscient and their simulation solution, visit their website here:
The ParaView and VTK.js software development was performed by Kitware Europe ( in collaboration with Quanscient’s engineers.

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