Kitware is pleased to announce the availability of Slicer 4.0 binaries on the Slicer download page. Spearheaded at Kitware by Julien Finet and Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin, Slicer 4.0 is a major new release in the 3D Slicer series where improvements to performance, robustness, and usability have been key.


TractographyDisplay module in action.


Slicer 4.0 contains a new graphical user interface (built using the Qt toolkit), a refactoring of the Slicer core that touched nearly every line of the code base, a new layout manager, a simplified Python interface, and numerous other noteworthy additions and enhancements.  A detailed
list of improvements can be found on the Slicer wiki, along with additional documentation for Slicer 4.0.

Developed in collaboration with the National Association for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) and the broader Slicer community, Slicer 4.0 is an open-source (BSD-style license) platform for medical image segmentation, registration, visualization, and analysis. It represents a practical integration of innovations from a multitude of fields, including medical image analysis, cross-platform software development, collaborative software development, and extensible platform design. Kitware employees and products are at the heart of many of these innovations.


If you wish to explore opportunities for expanding your research or commercial developments using Slicer, please contact Stephen Aylward for consultation.

Volume Rendering applied to Knee Atlas

Surgery planning using DTI tractography

Scripting 3D Slicer with Python

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