Slicer 4.1.1 Released

June 27, 2012

Kitware, in collaboration with the National Association for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) and the Slicer community, is pleased to announce that Slicer 4.1.1 is available for download.

This is a patch release that stabilizes both the extensions manager built-in the application and the extensions build system. The extensions manager and associated build system provide users and developers a way  to quickly extend the functionality and the look-and-feel of Slicer for specific biomedical and clinical research applications. With the extension manager, extensions can be shared with the community in an “app-store” style system that integrates tightly with the Slicer experience. To complement these improvements, extensions-specific documentation was written.

Extension Manager dialog within Slicer 4.1.1

The Slicer team also reorganized the overall user and developer documentation, making it easier to get started with Slicer and start developing your own modules and extensions.

The Slicer wiki is an excellent resource, with instructions for building Slicer 4.1.1. from the source code and additional documentation on the 4.1.1 release. The full list of changes, bug fixes, and improvements can be found in the Slicer change log.

The Slicer team would like to thank the community and contributors for the development and work that enabled the 4.1.1 release. To be a part of the next release, we encourage you to get involved by joining the community and the Slicer mailing list.

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