Slicer 4.1 Released

April 19, 2012

Kitware, in collaboration with the National Association for Medical Image Computing (NA-MIC) and the Slicer community, is happy to announce the release of Slicer 4.1. This release brings a new level of stability to Slicer and new features to enhance its usability and functionality.

Notable changes in this release include the addition of the Extension Manager, which enables Slicer extensions to be downloaded and installed from within Slicer. To support extension contributions from the community, an “extension catalog” server (similar to an app store) is running to host uploaded contributions from Slicer developers. Built on Kitware’s Midas technology, the “extension catalog” makes it easier for the community to search, find, rate, comment, and download relevant extensions.

Charting support has been added with a new chart view in the 4.1 release, which is used by the MultiVolumeExplorer module. This new module introduces multi-volume (e.g. time series) support in Slicer. The Cache Settings panel has been ported from Slicer 3, to provide users with controls to display or clear the available cache space used when downloading sample data, and to store temporary filter outputs. Further support for importing VTK unstructured grids is also a new addition.

Several other modules have been updated or added, including the OpenIGTLinks, Welcome, and DICOM modules. The CompareViews and View Controller GUI have been revised and improved. The Modules settings panel has also been enhanced, enabling users to set Prefer Executable CLI loading option to decrease memory consumption by modules and select which module(s) to skip at startup, as well as to customize their Favorite modules toolbar. Many of the icons for the Core Modules have also been updated. Slicer has also been updated to use CMake version 2.8.7.

To download the current Slicer release, please visit the updated download page, which highlights the operating system of the downloading system. There is also a new download statistics page.

You can view additional information and details on the Slicer 4.1 release on the announcements page, and provide feedback through the Slicer mailing list.

For a discussion on the Slicer 4.1 release, please join us for the release webinar on April 26 from 1:00-1:20 p.m.

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