Tomviz 0.7.2 released

January 27, 2016

We are very pleased to announce the release of tomviz 0.7.2 (article on with some background). This release is primarily a bug fix release, but it also adds several new features before we move to Qt 5, and begin making some larger changes to our user interface (including integration of ITK for segmentation and numerical analysis).

A few highlights include the switch to flying edges for accelerated contouring, building against the ParaView 5.0.0 release, and improved integration of C++ operators. You can follow the latest developments by downloading our nightly binaries, but we would recommend this release for normal use. We welcome your feedback, and encourage you to take a look at our development builds as we add fuller ITK integration, move to Qt 5, and work to improve the user interface to better serve our community.

The tomviz project is developed as part of a collaboration between Kitware and Cornell University under DOE Office of Science contract DE-SC0011385. This is a community project, and we are very pleased to take input and contributions from all in the community.

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