Tomviz 1.0.1 Released

June 16, 2017

Following on from our 1.0.0 release we are pleased to announce the release of Tomviz 1.0.1. A recent article authored by Robert Hovden offers some background on the Tomviz project. The most significant bug fix was for web export of data from the application, this was not working in the 1.0.0 binaries but should now function as expected. For some examples of data exported from Tomviz please take a look at our web visualization demo. This makes use of recent work in the vtk.js project to support polygonal and volume rendering in the web browser.

The Tomviz project is developed as part of a collaboration between Kitware and Cornell University under DOE Office of Science contract DE-SC0011385. This is a community project, and we are very pleased to take input and contributions from all in the community.

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