Videos Contributed by Collaborators for SC14

December 8, 2014

Thank you to all of our collaborators who contributed videos to our ParaView Showcase for SC14! If you missed our showcase, please watch these videos:


3D Global Hybrid Simulation of Earth’s Magnetosphere


H. Karimabadi, W. Daughton, Yi-Hsin Liu


Cinema Dynamic Rendering


James Ahrens, Sebastien Jourdain, Patrick O’Leary, Scott Wittenburg, Dave DeMarle, David Rogers


Google Project Tango Vis with ParaView



ParaView Cinema


James Ahrens, Sebastien Jourdain, Patrick O’Leary, John Patchett, David Rogers, Patricia Fasel, Andrew Bauer, Mark Petersen, Francesca Samsel


waves2 slow


H. Karimabadi, V. Roytershteyn, B. Loring


ParaView Catalyst Live


Dan Lipsa


TACC Raytheon High Resolution WRF Project


Raytheon Company, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), University Corporation for Atmospheric Research

Greg Abram, Don Cook, John Cazes, Greg Foss, Dave Gill, Si Liu, Jordan Powers, Craig Stair


MPAS Ocean Workbench


Patrick O’Leary, Sebastien Jourdain, Zach Mullen, Scott Wittenberg, Dave DeMarle, David Rogers, James Ahrens


Vesperini Sherman IU SC14


N-Body Cluster Simulation: Enrico Vesperini, Jongsuk Hong

Video Production: Chris Eller

Simulation Computation: Indiana University’s BigRedII Cray Xk/Xe[?]

Visualization: William R. Sherman

Narration: Danielle M. Sherman

Visiualization Software: ParaView


TACC Plasma


Visualization: Greg Goss

Software Support: Anne Browen, Greg Abram

Video Support: Damilola Shonaike

Science: Wendell Horton, Lee Leonard


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