VTK 5.0.3 Released

March 30, 2007

VTK 5.0.3 was released March 30, 2007. This is the third patch release to VTK 5.0. To download this release, visit http://www.vtk.org/get-software.php. Some of the changes in this release include the following:

• More changes to make the code consistent with the VTK User’s Guide and textbook
• Fix vtkMergeDataObjectFilter number of input ports.
• Fix vtkGreedyTerrainDecimation – avoid stack overflow by limiting recursion depth.
• Improve numerical precision in cubic solver.
• Fixed problem when revision string does not end with a space
• Fixed problem where Discrete/Marching Cubes was not considering the whole extent of the input
• Always set VTK_WRAP_HINTS in the vtkLocal example.
• Skip cxx feature test on gcc 2.95.
• Remove the Utilities/vtkmpeg2encode directory from the VTK source tree. (No patented code allowed.)
• TclTk changes – ensure VTK_TK_INTERNAL is set on Unix – already set on Mac/Win32.
• Add support for kwsys Glob feature.
• Fix bug 3674: writing grayscale TIFFs
• Fix bug 3663: an array bound error
• Fix bug 3774: vtkOpenGLImageActor
• Fix bug 4398: vtkPythonUtil.cxx compile error building with Python 2.5
• Fix bug 3845: create names for unnamed arrays in vtkXMLWriter.
• Fix bug 3613: allow QT Designer to load libQVTKWidgetPlugin.so.
• Fix bug 4282: Call to vtkXMLWriterF_SetSpacing sets Origin instead of Spacing.
• Fix bug 3790: using vtkXMLWriterC.h segfaults for unstructured grid
• Fix bug 4139: use correct window center in vtkWindowToImageFilter.
• Fix bug 4183: initialize WholeExtents member in vtkImageCanvasSource2D constructor.
• Fix bug 2904: ensure VTK_HAVE_GETSOCKNAME_WITH_SOCKLEN_T definition on first configure.

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