VTK 5.0.4 Patch Release

January 22, 2008
The VTK 5.0.4 patch release was announced on January 22, 2008. Changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 are listed below. We are planning to create the VTK-5-2 branch in CVS very soon in preparation for the (upcoming) first release of VTK 5.2. It should be branched within the next week or two with the release to follow soon after that.

*changes from 5.0.3 to 5.0.4:*

  • XML precision fix
  • Suppress deprecation warnings when using cl with Unix Makefiles generator
  • Java weak reference issue
  • Fix bug 5341: Use vtkIdType instead of int for correct 64-bit id builds
  • Fixed and simplified vtkOpenGLExtensionManager and updated OpenGL header files
  • Remove legacy include of GL/glaux.h
  • Add static method VTKTypeID and merge long long bug fix in vtkTypeTraits.h
  • Fix incorrect file names in the vtk*Kit.cmake files
  • Fix bug 5590: No relative path exists between two different Windows drive letters
  • Fix bug 3331: Replace MPProcessors() for better Mac OSX 64-bit compatibility
  • Selected Utilities/kwsys/SystemTools.cxx fixes for KWWidgets file browser dialog
  • Fix problems when multiple observers invoke further events recursively on the same object
  • Fixed bug in vtkTransform::GetOrientation when matrix is not positive semi-definite
  • Set the upper limit of vtkMergeCells::PointMergeTolerance to VTK_LARGE_FLOAT
  • Eliminate memory leak in vtkUnstructuredGrid::BuildLinks

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